Champion of the Western Village


Kromdyke is an intimidating sight. This human stands roughly six and a half feet tall and has a powerful warriors physique. When encountered on duty he wears dragonhide platemail crafted from a moss dragon he killed. various trophies are tethered to his armor via spikes and chains. A large spiked shield is strapped to his back and a bastard sword sheathed at his side. Several throwing spears are tucked in his quiver. On patrol he wears a helmet adorned with a raptors jaw and teeth.


Kromdyke has been living in the western village for at least as long as any of our adventurers. He is a formidable warrior and has a way of bringing out each person’s primal instinct. Through tenacity and feats of valor he has gained the respect of many villagers. For many years now Kromdyke has been in charge of training warriors and guards, as well as leading raids into monster infested areas. However Kromdyke is no hunter, only a slayer. He relishes mortal combat against monsters and free peoples alike, but picks his battles wisely and tries to keep his companions alive.

During the time when our adventurers were traveling the fey realm, Kromdyke was in charge of keeping the village secure and dealing with the bandits to the east. He failed on both fronts, which caused him to lose face. Especially when our lowly adventurers were successful in a mission Kromdyke himself said was “doomed to fail”. However, a week later when our adventurers were working out the maddening issue and spending their time at the mage village, Kromdyke had a chance to prove himself. A large dragon from the forest swept in one day, destroying tents, wounding villagers and stealing off livestock. Kromdyke assembled a raiding party and tracked the beast into the forest. before he could reach it’s lair, they met up with the dragon by chance. Kromdyke and his companions fought and slew the dragon, returning bloody but victoriously to the village.

It is well known that Kromdyke has little respect for those he considers week, even though he often trains those people to become stronger. Why he dislikes Meldor may be a mystery.


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