Merfolk Chieftan


Umberlee’s ornate jewelry and clothing (or what ammounts to clothing for merfolk) clearly separates her from her kin. She wields an odd device serving as both bow and harp and wears two quivers, one of arrows and one of harpoons. A colorful set of scales acts as armour, shimmering in the light of the sun.

During the party’s interactions with her, you have found Umberlee’s voice changes drastically to suit her intentions. While negotiating she can sound soft spoken and motherly, or honey sweet and vixen like. When angered her words are sharp and leathery like the devils wings. And there’s no mistaking when she feels defeated; her cutesy pouting gives that away.


All that you know about Umberlee is what she has told you. She has attempted and failed to keep her intentions from the party before, throwing her revelations into question. She claims to command the local merfolk warriors. She claims to have helped fey creatures transport changelings across the sea. And she claims she wishes to form ties with the Western Village rather than fight it.

Since your successful return with the changeling you’ve heard no word about Umberlee. You have no way of knowing whether she is behind the attacks on the village’s fishing vessel or not.


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