Mage Village

Located in a small clearing within the forest lies a great circular wall of dirt. The tops of large colorful tents popping out give away the presence of civilization. A few watchtowers are built into the wall as is a wooden gate and guard house. Human guards keep to their towers; visitors are stripped of their weapons when entering.

The village’s population is less than a hundred and is comprised of humans, gnomes, and elves. Elves make up about 2/3 of the population and most have arcane class levels such as wizard, warlock or summoner. Humans tend to be the muscle and hunter/gatherers in the village. Gnomes also study magic but many are concerned with crafting, including alchemy. While most of the villagers are friendly, the higher ranking mages tend to be hostile towards outsiders. The mages in the village are renown for their large scale protective rituals, including the ability to shape earth. A few outsiders are also aware of their scrying and plains walking abilities.

Divine Magic is limited to 4th circle spells, though the head priest has access to rituals which can be used for revivification. The mages also know rituals which allow a persons soul to transcend the planes and return to their body. Either of these rituals are both risky and involved; a simple raise the dead spell is much easier.

Arcane Magic is limited to 6th circle spells, though convincing the higher ranking mages to use high level magic involves a lot of diplomacy. The village also possesses a scrying globe, which might be used as a service. Several mages can band together to perform large scale protective rituals (Abjuration), but this takes time and the specifics are a closely guarded secret.

Mundane Services are limited to basic healing and crafting. The gnomish tradesmen are quite adept at working special materials into arms and armor. A pub exists, which serves Fey Wine and food, but not much else. Visitors either sleep outside or in the hospital as their is no inn.

To the south west lies the Western Village, with an obelisk and the maddening pit between the two. To the north just two hours walk is the Stone Circle, which magnifies divination spells. The road east is currently blocked by mist; the last traveler coming from that direction was Boris the mercenary.

Notable NPCs: Fizzy the gnomish armouror.

Mage Village

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