Western Village

Located on the western shoreline and nestled safely in the woods lies a small humanoid village. It is the village that our adventurers call home. There are only a few hundred people including children. Unlike most other settlements the western village has a good mix of free races, though elves and humans make up about half the population. These are a hardy people, faced with dangers every day. Most adults possess at least one class level and are equipped to defend themselves.

Divine Casting has a limit of 5th circle spells, though the leading priest is knowledgeable in powerful rituals and the use of rare material components. In the past, outsiders have traveled to the western village in order to receive magical healing or revivification. Thanks to the efforts of the party and to Meldor in particular, the head priest is also trained in psychological healing (restoring sanity points).

Arcane Casting is limited to 4th circle spells, though poisoncraft and alchemy are common skills in the village. Warriors are taught to waste nothing from the dead, and many spell components and alchemical regents are harvested by the villagers. In times past the village would trade these regents to outsiders, especially to the mage village.

Mundane Crafting is very limited. Most items are of common or even poor quality. The craftsmen have only a basic understanding of permanent structures, though they are the only ones in the region who understand ship making and seamanship. One factor limiting the quality of items, particularly weapons and armor is the lack of resources. Common resources abound and can be harvested with ease, but uncommon ores and wood don’t exist in proximity. In the past this was one of the primary items sought during trade, but with the mist threatening the roads and the elven village becoming hostile, new materials seldom arrive.

Notable NPCs: Verol the village elder, Kromdyke the head warrior.

To the west lies the western sea, occupied by merfolk and sea creatures. Following the coast north leads to the northern peak, and above that giant territory. The south has been cut off by mist for decades now; few in the village know what once existed there. To the east lies the elven village; travel between the two villages has stopped due to bandit raids. to the north east lies the Mage Village, with an Obelisk and the Maddening Pit between them.

Western Village

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